Does Your Website Have One of These Grammar Fails?

This article has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese.


We all make mistakes. But sometimes those can really change what we mean to say. At Paragraphly, we spend a lot of time playing around with grammar. Are we language nerds? You bet!


So, we’ve searched the internet for our favorite “Grammar Fails.” These are times where the company made such a big mistake that it went viral. Of course, we know that you wouldn’t publish any of these. Would you…?


Choosing the Right Words


It can be hard to choose the right word sometimes. If there are no tongs around, why not just use your tongue?



Clearly, someone confused customer service with murdering all the customers.



This company is a little nicer. Sure, they might tow your car but at least they’ll give you taxi money to get home.



Whereas these guys will actually turn you into a toad.



Don’t answer this before your coffee.


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Punctuation Saves Lives


Think punctuation doesn’t matter? Actually, it’s a matter of life and death. There’s a big difference between “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma.”



These folks clearly never heard about Paragraphly, and we’re a little offended.



The rules for this bathroom are… oddly specific.



We pause for a moment of silence in honor of those who served….



At least someone was there to fix the mistake — a crime-stopping vigilante hero.


Are these types of mistakes slipping by unnoticed?


Even With the Best of Intentions


Here are some more examples that made us wish we could gather our red pens and go back in time.



Well, at least they had good intentions…



Everyone knew about the ‘bromance’ between Barry and Joe, but apparently it went a lot further.



This one goes out to you academics out there.



Large Companies Do It, Too


Companies full of English-speaking staff can make these mistakes just like everybody else. Who’s looking out for your brand?


(Should you worry if your sweetheart eats at Quiznos?)




We want to make sure that you’re known for your skill, not your typos. Maybe it’s time you had professionals in your back pocket, ready to give a second look to what you share with the world.


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