About us


We work to understand your voice

Your brand speaks differently from other brands, or at least it ought to! We invest time in understanding your individual style(s), making sure that everything you publish is consistent and groomed.

Every editor brings major experience

We have a small in-house editing team. Each editor has an impressive portfolio ranging from research to social media. Over time, we become more familiar with your needs (and can also help you linguistically).

You can reach us easily for urgent work

There will be times when you need something looked at in a hurry. Because we have a personal relationship with our clients, you always know how to get in touch with us. We’ll support you.

Our Backstory

Our Backstory

Paragraphly grew out of the Global School of English. We were teaching
many entrepreneurs who began asking for help with their content. Thanks
to referrals, word spread organically. Paragraphly continues to be
supported by the same leadership team that has run the school since
2009, serving the Business English needs of diverse clients worldwide.